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Payment methods.

Cuchillería Fernández accepts various payment methods for orders. Contact us using the form included in the pieces and we will inform you in depth.

Bank transfer

You can pay through transfer or deposit to the following bank account.

Globalcaja: IBAN ES84 3190 0092 6142 6607 0517

It is very important to indicate the concept of the piece into the operation part reference. No need to send us proof of the transfer. Keep a few days just because it will be useful in case you forgot to put the order number as a concept. Please note that transfers from entities different to Globalcaja can take up to two business days (not include weekends or holidays) to reach us, according to banking regulations. We’ll email you notice once we have confirmation of payment


It is available for all type of orders. This payment entails a handling fee of 1% on the amount of your order with a minimum amount of € 0.90. Payment by Paypal requires a few minutes to be processed and confirmed.